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Global Project Against Hate and Extremism Statement on Facebook Decision to Extend Trump Suspension

There’s no question that Trump’s online hateful rhetoric, disinformation campaigns and calls to incite violence — allowed by Facebook’s loopholes for the politically powerful and lifted up for years by the company’s algorithms..

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GPAHE Joins Christchurch Call Advisory Network: Participates in Second Anniversary World Summit

The Global Project Against Hate and Extremism is pleased to announce its membership in the Christchurch Call Advisory Network. The Christchurch Call was created by French President Emmanuel Macron..

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The QAnon Conspiracy Theory’s Impact on American Democracy

It was impossible to miss the many, many signs of QAnon conspiracy adherents during the storming on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. Many in the surging mob held “Q” signs, wore Q jackets..

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GPAHE Statement On Facebook Oversight Board Decision

Today, the Facebook Oversight Board made the recommendation to temporarily continue Trump’s suspension. They kicked the decision back to Facebook who should have taken responsibility from the beginning.

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