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Project 2025 Blog Series: May 1st Update

Our blog series provides essential updates on Project 2025! 

This week’s post examines three developments: the integration of Project 2025 initiatives into Alabama law, the convergence of white supremacists and Project 2025 advocates at a natalism conference, and Project 2025 members’ responses to a perceived “war on whiteness.”


Agência Pública: Extremism networks: groups spread hate speech without moderation on platforms

“[GPAHE] located far-right groups operating in the country and found that many of the listed extremist organizations use social media to spread messages of hate, violence, and discrimination…Coordinator of the study, Heidi Beirich, says that Brazil is fertile ground for the growth of extremist groups because it is ‘the second nation that spends the most time on the internet in the world and due to the lack of regulation of platforms.’”

GPAHE’s take: Our Brazil report is the latest addition to our Country Extremist Report series, published earlier this year, and we’re thrilled that its findings are being used by influential Brazilian investigative journalism outlets like Agência Pública. 

Beyond profiling 20 extremist groups, and exposing their strategy and symbols, we highlight the connections between Brazilian and U.S. extremists, drawing parallels between events like the storming of federal buildings in Brasília and the assault on the U.S. Capitol. Read through the full report to learn firsthand how these groups amplify their propaganda on the ground in Brazil and online across social media platforms. 


The Wall Street Journal:

MAGA on the Danube: Inside the Love Affair Between U.S. Conservatives and Hungary

“Americans focused on culture war flashpoints like abortion, LGBTQ rights and immigration have found an outspoken ally in Hungary and [Prime Minister Viktor] Orbán…Orbán has directed millions in state funds to a deep network of think tanks, foundations and universities, according to the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism, a U.S.-based nonprofit. That has helped spread pro-Orbán commentary outside of Hungary and facilitated fellowships and travel with American conservatives.”

GPAHE’s take: We have documented the troubling alliance between far-right U.S. entities like The Heritage Foundation and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. We recently highlighted seven organizations supporting Orbán that are actively working to influence American democracy in Hungary’s authoritarian direction. Earlier this year, our co-founders wrote an op-ed revealing the links between The Heritage Foundation and Orbán. These insights emphasize the authoritarian values at the core of Project 2025, spearheaded by The Heritage Foundation and reflective of Orbán’s governance. GPAHE will continue to track this influential network and its significant threat to global democracies.


EuroNews: 50 years after Portugal’s dictatorship, the far-right is seducing the country’s youth 

“According to anti-discrimination organizations, [far right political party] Chega represents a threat to minorities, with the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism labeling the party a hate group.” 

GPAHE’s take: We have been closely tracking the rise of the far-right in Portugal, particularly since we identified Chega as an extremist movement. We’ve reported on the emergence of Grupo 1143, a neo-Nazi and anti-Muslim organization and have raised concerns about Chega’s youth wing, Chega Juventude. Read the profiles of Chega Juventude’s principals and the potential leaders who could make Chega even more extreme in the future.

In addition, our extensive research and tracking of hate groups in our Country Extremist Report on Portugal has been referenced in various European news outlets this past year. 

Our proactive reporting and engagement with tech companies have resulted in real world change, such as the recent restriction of Chega’s official Facebook account for a decade. 

This is a vital step in limiting extremist groups’ ability to leverage social media’s extensive reach, which reduces the spread of harmful content to users.


POLITICO: Facebook and Instagram face EU probes in content crackdown 

“Platforms like Facebook were asked to ensure that political ads and AI deepfakes are clearly labeled under the DSA (Digital Services Act) ahead of the election…Meta has also been quizzed by regulators for months over other issues such as how it tackles illegal or harmful videos uploaded by users to its social media sites to more general concerns over disinformation and how young people use the company’s digital services.”

GPAHE’s Take: The European Union has intensified its scrutiny of Meta and other social media platforms, aiming to enforce more stringent content moderation regulations. Just last week, we supported initiatives by issuing two open letters, one signed by former heads of state who are members of the Club de Madrid, urging tech giants to adopt similar measures. The impact of these advocacy efforts is evidenced and validated by the EU’s actions to seriously investigate this concern and we’re glad to see these steps being taken. 

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