Texas Gunman’s Online Posts Steeped in Violence, Nazism and Other Forms of Extremism



Warning: offensive and potentially triggering language

Mauricio Garcia, the man who killed eight people at an Allen, Texas, mall on Saturday, May 6, 2023, left behind hundreds of extremist posts including what appears to be a handwritten diary on his OK — short for Odnaklassniki [Classmates], a Russian social media site — account. He also had a YouTube account that Garcia said was removed, only to be reinstated a few hours later on February 24th, 2022. Going back ten years, the posts and diary entries show that Garcia held deep-seated white supremacist and neo-Nazi beliefs, as well as misogynistic and incel views, and a proclivity for violence.

Though law enforcement has not yet declared a motive for the killings, it is likely that these views played a role in his decision to carry out this horrific mass attack.

A summary of GPAHE’s initial analysis of Garcia’s posts follows. We have decided not to share the graphic and offensive images found in Garcia’s posts.

White Supremacy/Neo-Nazism
Garcia’s profile picture on his OK account “PsycoVision 5” is a caricature of Adolf Hitler, and according to his posts, he was a frequent reader of white supremacist material including neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin’s website, The Daily Stormer, eugenicist Peter Brimelow’s V-Dare, the misogynistic male supremacist Roosh V forum, Holocaust denier and white nationalist Nick Fuentes, and William Luther Pierce, founder of the neo-Nazi National Alliance and author of the race war novel The Turner Diaries, which inspired the Oklahoma City bombing.

Garcia’s comments often revolved around race and included racist slurs and other bigoted language. His writings were full of white supremacist symbols, including swastikas, Wolfsangels, SS Bolts, and the neo-Nazi Tyr and Othala Runes. In one of his entries, he posted a picture (presumably of himself without showing his face) with a swastika and SS lightning bolt tattoos captioned, “Here’s what I think about your diversity you fucking loser’s [sic].” In another entry, he showed various pictures of Nazis and neo-Nazis holding swastika flags and wrote “My type of people.” He also wore an “it’s ok to be white” shirt on several occasions for the “shock value.” In one post he called himself a “full blown white supremacist.”

Garcia was a rabid antisemite going back years, possibly to high school. He recently relayed a story about a teacher who promoted unity and acceptance who he taunted with Roman salutes, saying “white power,” threats of the final solution, and Hitler praise. He did all of this while wearing his Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) uniform, according to his writings.

In another post, he wrote, ”We are going to make America white again…I will replace all government offices with people from the internet, who will be elected via polls on my website, The Daily Stormer. I will immediately make it punishable by death to be Jewish and all Jews will be required by mandate to report to a federal kill center, where they will be steamed to death, masturbated to death, and have their heads bashed in with pedal-powered skull crushing machines, be forced into cages with bears and eagles, or forced to climb stairs carrying boulders until all of their bones break…Death to democracy! Death to the Jews! Death to Mexico! Long live the internet! Love live Freedom! Long live the White Race! Hail Victory!”

Great Replacement Conspiracy Theory
Citing the “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory that has inspired racist mass murders around the world, in one post from 2022 Garcia wrote “America is controlled by a cabal of scheming Jews, and the time has come to rise up against them. We are being flooded by hordes of disreputable brown fiends, women are all total whores, most of them are also fat, video games are getting shittier every week and….nothing is going to change unless we take decisive and radical action in the very immediate future.” We must act to save America, and we must do it now.

Later on in the same post, referencing Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, he wrote “Today I am announcing my campaign for President of the United States….we are going to make America white again.”

In his words, Garcia clearly shows that he saw women as “enemy agents, seeking to undermine and destroy you.” In one post he self-identified as an “incel,” shorthand for involuntarily celibate. Members of the incel community have been responsible for several violent and deadly attacks against women. Incel beliefs are often connected with instances of extremist violence, largely targeting women. In another post, he wrote that women are “offering us absolutely fucking zero other than the POTENTIAL AND OFTEN VERY REMOTE POSSIBILITY of sex and children,” showing his incel beliefs and frustrations. In another, he wrote about a “Stacy,” a common incel term for unattainable women, saying “even if she loved me, I would want to inflict as much pain on her as I could.” He regularly used other demeaning, derogatory language and made violent comments about women, including rape, and shared lists of incel articles on his account. Certain posts indicate that he may have been inspired by the 2014 mass shooting by incel Elliot Rodger.

Anti-LGBTQ+ and anti-Muslim Rhetoric
In one post where he was making light of doing the fascist Roman salute and Heiling Hitler, Garcia showed his anti-LGBTQ+ bigotry when he wrote “you better believe their [sic] wouldn’t be we’ll convert your children drag queen story hour loser’s [sic] running around loose…under Hitler’s watch.” Other posts contained vicious anti-Muslim slurs, including towel heads, terrorist bitch, mooselimb savages, camel rapists, and sand monkeys. Garcia wrote that Muslims are not to be trusted, and referred to Arabic as “terrorist chicken scratch”.

Cold-blooded Planning and Proclivity for Violence
His posts show Garcia scoped out the location for the attack at the Allen,TX mall, purchased guns and ammunition, and bought the armor with the patches seen in pictures of the attack. Notably, the RWDS patch on his shirt the day of the attack, stands for Right Wing Death Squad and is commonly used by violent far-right groups, including the Proud Boys. It refers to the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet’s regime where death squads killed communists by throwing them out of helicopters, among other forms of violence. His writings indicate that he had articulated his desire to “kill people” as far back as 2014. In one post, he wrote that he has “2 guns at home and enough ammo to kill everyone in here 10 times.” From his posts, it is clear he had an obsession with guns and shooting; in several posts he is seen practicing at the shooting range.

Given the fact that Garcia posted what amounts to an entire personal diary, it is possible, even likely, that Garcia was leaving a paper trail to be found after the attack. One of his final posts read, “And you already know how this will end I wish I could be there to see the Shit storm I cause.”

Self-Loathing and Military Influence
Some of Garcia’s posts showed that he sometimes seemed confused or frustrated about the contradiction between his ethnicity and his white supremacist ideology. He referred to his “self loathing phase” in regards to his Hispanic identity, and also wrote “as far as those loser Hispanics that give me shit, they are going to get dealt with” and “there was a time when I wished I was white, because my own race was treating me like shit.”

He made references to his time in the ROTC and in the Army, which he joined in 2008 before being kicked out three months later, writing once that the white people at bootcamp “weren’t the racists the media made them out to be.” In that same paragraph, he later wrote “then I met actual white nationalists, and that’s when I became a full blown white supremacist.” “When I got out of the army I still had these beliefs,” one post reads. “I remember this loser Hispanic calling me a racist. This coming from a guy that says only whites can be racist.”

Garcia also posted quite a bit about jobs where he was unhappy – and seemingly from which he was frequently fired, his injuries, and the challenging state of his mental health.

On his account there are many references to “10/6” which Garcia also has a tattoo of. This is a reference to the 10/6 on the hat of the Mad Hatter, as Garcia claims he is “mad as a hatter.”

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