In recent years, far-right extremist and hate movements motivated by white supremacy, xenophobia, anti-LGBTQ+ beliefs, antisemitism, anti-Muslim sentiment, religious discrimination, anti-woman activity, and gender bias have been growing across the globe.

These movements share underlying discriminatory ideologies, and too often have been exported from the U.S. The consequence of the growth in these movements is violence and the dangerous integration of bigoted and racist ideas into societal discourse, government policies, and political platforms. Increasingly, as far-right extremist movements have gained in strength, established taboos around far-right extremism have collapsed as mainstream political parties cooperate with extremists once considered out of bounds.

Today’s growing far right—from white supremacists to far-right populist movements—poses an existential challenge to a more just and fair world. They are a root cause for why we cannot move forward on so many global challenges from racial and social justice to critical issues such as the climate crisis. This rise of white supremacy, transnational hate and far-right extremism is perhaps the greatest threat to inclusive societies and democracies worldwide. It cannot be allowed to grow unchecked.

White supremacist violent extremism is an international scourge and the greatest terrorist threat facing the United States.

To protect and advance human rights, particularly those of marginalized and underrepresented communities, build inclusive democracies, and solve global challenges, we must expose and counter the far-right actors who undermine those values.  As shown by recent demonstrations for racial justice, women’s rights, voting rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and so many more, we know there is a global will to oppose far-right extremism and support thriving and diverse societies.

Strengthening a diverse global community committed to exposing and countering racism, bigotry, and prejudice.

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