Pressure social media and other online companies to prohibit extremist, hateful, and racist movements from using their platforms to organize, propagandize, and recruit followers and sympathizers.

Nowhere does hate and far-right extremism thrive more than online and in social media platforms, and no tool is more necessary to the spread of bigoted ideologies and to the recruitment efforts of hate and extremist groups, and the politically powerful. GPAHE is a major source for technology and social media companies on hate speech and dangerous organizations on the far right; we regularly influence social media community standards policies, often resulting in policy improvements and the de-platforming of hate and extremist groups and individuals.

Given the reach of the major technology platforms, it’s critical that they reform and enforce their policies to better protect their consumers and develop the language and cultural competency that is critical to the safety of communities and democracies. Google dominates with more than a 90 percent share of global search engine users. Facebook has nearly 3 billion users; YouTube has more than 2 billion; TikTok has more than a billion, and Twitter more than 300 million. These companies must ensure accuracy and transparency in their policies and algorithms and not give haters, extremists, and authoritarian politicians a platform to divide people, spread lies, or encourage violence toward marginalized communities.


Wendy Via and Heidi Beirich Talk With Nobel Peace Prize Winner Maria Ressa

GPAHE’s Wendy Via and Heidi Beirich sit down with Maria Ressa and Rafal Pankowski on April 7, 2021 to discuss how social media undermines democracies.

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YouTube Still Hosting Terrorist-Inspiring White Supremacist Content

In July 2020, the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism (GPAHE) released a report, “International White Nationalist Movement Spreading on Twitter and YouTube,” that documented the sprawling international network of the white supremacist group..

2500 1406 Global Project Against Hate and Extremism

Facebook Must Ban Trump Permanently, Democracy is at Risk

For years on social media, Trump spewed hate and racism, pitted Americans against each other, spread lies, and made white supremacists feel that they had a leader in the White House.

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Educate anti-hate actors, policymakers, and the public about hate and extremism and advocate for policy change to eradicate it.

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