Global Extremist Symbols Database

This directory is a first-of-its-kind online resource compiling hate and extremist symbols from across the globe. Far-right extremism is a transnational movement with groups learning from and sharing with similar groups in other countries, co-opting hateful narratives, tactical playbooks, and logo symbols. The directory is a tool for identifying where far-right actors are active, the narratives they are pushing, and combating far-right hate and extremist violence, and is intended for multiple stakeholders including law enforcement, tech companies, policymakers, media, advocates, and the general public.

Some of the listed symbols’ origins are not in hate and extremist movements. For example, many runes are traditionally used by Pagans, but have been co-opted or altered slightly for hateful purposes. Another example is the swastika which is an ancient religious and cultural symbol but now more recognized as a symbol for Nazis. As such, context is always important.

No such directory will ever be complete given the spread of far-right extremism. GPAHE will regularly update the directory and welcomes submissions for consideration in the directory. Have you seen a hate symbol that isn’t in our directory? Send a picture of the image, the town and country, and the event, poster, etc., where you saw it to

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