Expose and disrupt white supremacy and other hateful transnational movements, with a focus on the export of American extremism to other countries.

The Global Project Against Hate and Extremism centers its work on countering the threat from the far right while emphasizing human rights and progressive values. We disrupt the activities of far-right actors and groups from around the globe who push racist, bigoted, anti-LGBTQ+, xenophobic, anti-woman, and other harmful ideologies. As these movements grow, they are increasingly pushing many governments and their policies toward extremism, further harming marginalized communities by codifying bigotry.

In addition to compromising fairness, equity, and civil discourse in our daily lives, the growth of these movements is tragically also inspiring violence, resulting in the death of hundreds across the world. By tracking and exposing white supremacist and other far-right activities – both online and, importantly, offline – and their links to other groups and movements and by creating cross-border collaborations between experts and impacted people, we bring increased public awareness to the growing crisis of hate and far-right extremism and the global web in which they exist. Public education of the dangers of far-right extremism is crucial to effecting change, reducing bigotry, and creating culture shifts toward a more inclusive society. Together we can combat the spread of global hate and extremism.


New GPAHE Reports Reveal Harmful Conversion Therapy Disinformation Thriving Online

Tech companies have failed to deplatform anti-LGBTQ+ conversion therapy disinformation, especially in non-English languages, even though many claim to do so.

2400 1600 Global Project Against Hate and Extremism
Jan 6, 2021

One Year Later: U.S. Democracy in Peril as Far-Right Extremism Spreads Globally

Threat from the Far-Right Is Complex and Growing a Year After the Jan. 6th Attack, Not Enough is Being Done

2560 1706 Global Project Against Hate and Extremism
CA State Capitol

GPAHE’s Heidi Beirich Presents on The Changing Face of Extremism

California State Assembly Select Committee on the State of Hate holds hearing on extremism in the US and how to effectively address it.

2560 1707 Global Project Against Hate and Extremism

Pressure tech companies to prohibit extremist and hateful movements from using their platforms to organize, propagandize, and recruit followers.

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